Sunset Marquis

We helped a legendary rock ’n’ roll hotel in West Hollywood celebrate in it’s own unique way.

A home away from home for the biggest musicians in the world.
For the last 15 years we’ve done a fun holiday card for the hotel. Which has become something all the long-time guests look forward to.
This year, we decided to add a new dimension to things.
An augmented reality Santa Christmas card.
All users had to do was visit a link and tap on a nearby surface.
Suddenly a 3 dimensional Santa popped up and began to serenade them.
Depending on where users tapped, he would show up anywhere from miniature to life-sized.
To add to the fun, AR Santa was Tim Pierce, one of the most famous guitar players in the world.
But behind all the fun and games was the technology.
Volumetric capture with 106 cameras and a revolutionary one-click technology that connected people to the AR experience seamlessly without downloading anything.
The result? Just what the Sunset Marquis was hoping for, a whole lot of buzz.
Watch another experiential case study for the Sunset Marquis.

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