We helped CenturyLink transform from a 90-year-old phone company into a modern technology brand. Lumen.

We positioned the company as the driving force behind the 4th Industrial Revolution.
The first step was naming, logo design, and brand identity.
“Lumen” felt appropriate for the second largest fiber optic network on the planet.
Next, we led our audience on an interactive, digital journey highlighting specific technologies and innovations enabled by The Lumen Platform.
Lumen. The Platform for Amazing Things.
We partnered with key publications to create custom units, content hubs, editorial pieces, podcasts, webinars, and more.
Deeper content in each category allowed targeted decision makers to see how Lumen is helping transform their industry.
The short films featured over 60 emerging technology (4IR) companies in different verticals.
The campaign extended into product ads driving lead generation around Lumen’s Edge Computing Solutions.
“As a result of our successful 2020 brand launch led by DRZP, Lumen is now well positioned as a modern and innovative technology company, that is enabling the 4th Industrial Revolution for our customers.”

- Scott Horst, VP of Marketing, Lumen

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